Welcome to The Longstreet Society
Who We Are

The Longstreet Society was formed in 1994
to honor the life of
Lt. General James Longstreet, CSA.
Within just a few years, the Society had over 500 members in 42 states and six countries.

President - Peter Claymore
Vice President- Vince Evans
Treasurer - Joe Whitaker
Secretary - Bruce Glover
Past President - Richard Pilcher

 Directors  Advisory Board
C.J. Clarke
 Maria Baptista
Ron Hollis
 Don Greer
Margery Johnson 
 Ron Hawkins
Peter Kendall
 Susan Herring
Harold Knudson
 Ed Hochman
Maria Lagonia
Basil Larkins
Richard Pilcher
Dan Paterson
Douglas E. Smith
William Piston
 Steven Wang
Susan Rosenvold
Bertie Weik Clark Thornton
  Jan Vanderheiden
  Charity Wang

Longstreet Society Membership Card

The Longstreet Society is made up of men and women from all over the world who share a respect for General Longstreet. The Society has preserved and restored the remaining portion of the General's Piedmont Hotel in Gainesville, Georgia which serves as the Society's headquarters and includes a museum room, a library of Civil War era and local history books and a great room which hosts Society and community meetings and events. The hotel is open several days each week to welcome visitors and to offer tours to individuals, small groups and school groups.

The Longstreet Society cares for the General's grave at Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, sponsors an annual seminar at battlefields that were prominent in Longstreet's Civil War career, presents an annual bivouac at the Piedmont and sponsors other educational events and programs.

Funding for these endeavors comes from membership dollars, donations and merchandise sales. All members receive the Longstreet Society News which is published four times a year. Members also receive discounts to the annual seminar, admission to the bivouac and other special offers.

Individual and family m
emberships are good for one year. Lifetime memberships have no expiration date.
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