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Widow of Gen. Longstreet Awaits Part in Gen. Ike's Inauguration.

By Marjorie Schaeffer Times-Union Dansville Correspondent

When the Inaugural parade rolls down
Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC next
month, one of the most enthusiastic
participants will be a distinguished little
woman who, like a prized bit of historic
bunting, seems to belong naturally to
America's "great moments.

The noted little lady is Helen Dortch
​Longstreet, widow of the famed Confederate Army commander, Gen. James Longstreet. Also widely recognized in her own right as an outstanding patriot, an outline of her achievement fills more than a quarter page, in fine print, in the Marquis edition of Who's Who in America--the kind of achievements that have won her acclaim as "a true daughter of America"

A native of Franklin County Georgia--born on a plantation situated on land that was ceded to her father for his valorous Army service--Mrs Longstreet has for the past two years been making Dansville her part-time home. As a guest for several months each year at Macfadden's Physical Culture Hotel and has become a familiar figure to area residents. Despite her age, which in true feminine fashion is a carefully guarded secret--though believed to be around 90--she engages in numerous activities including horseback riding, hiking and dancing and then "far into the night," sits at her desk, composing articles and editorials in support of her many interests.

This week she told a Times-Union reporter that she thought probably she had been associated with more great moments in history than any other woman now living; that she had actively participated in every presidential campaign since the election of Grover Cleveland. and that she wouldn't miss the forthcoming festivities in Washington for any reason she could logically fathom. Her birthday falls on Jan.25, making the Capitol trip loom as a sort of double celebration.

An ardent supporter of General Eisenhower, Mrs. Longstreet says she considers him "God-sent" and that she believes his election to the Presidency will prove a moving force toward the achievement of world peace. She also sees in his "crusade," the advancement of two of her pet causes, "equal civil rights for the Negro," and the development of a two-party system in the South, both of which she has long championed.

A favorite incident that she is fond of relating concerns her recent personal meeting with the general during his campaign visit in Atlanta on Sept. 2. On that memorable occasion, she says, he presented HER with the ceremonial bouquet.

As president of the Longstreet Memorial Foundation, a primary interest of her life continues to concern the erection if an equestrian statue of General Longstreet in honor of his military service to this country. Groundbreaking ceremonies at the memorial site, the Gettysburg Battlefield, were held several years ago, but the campaign for funds necessary to complete the project was interrupted by the advent of World War 2. It has since been renewed.

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his love of his
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among all peoples and his belief 
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