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  • ​​​Major United States Army 
  • Lt. Gen. Confederate Army
  • Businessman
  • Surveyor of Customs 
  • Major Gen LA State Militia
  • Minister to Turkey
  • Postmaster Gainesville
  • United States Marshall
  • Commissioner of Railroads
  • Author​​

​​​​The Longstreet Society is dedicated to the study and celebration of the life of 
Lt. General James Longstreet, CSA  and especially his skill and valor as a soldier and as commander of the famous old First Corps of the
Army of Northern Virginia; 
his fervent dedication to the restoration of the American Union; his love of his
Southern homeland; 
his advocacy for the ideals of peace and understanding among all peoples and his             belief in the ​brotherhood of man.

We are a 100% volunteer run and  staffed organization and are funded entirely by membership fees and donations. Please join. Please donate.