Donations to this project most appreciated. ​
CLICK HERE  or  770-539-9005 . ​ 
or at the historic  ​Piedmont Hotel 
​827 Maple Street . Gainesville GA

Donations to this project most appreciated. ​
CLICK HERE  or  770-539-9005 . ​ 
or at the historic  ​Piedmont Hotel 
​827 Maple Street . Gainesville GA

We are a 100% volunteer run and  staffed organization and are funded entirely by membership fees and donations. Please join. Please donate.

​​​Welcome to ​​​​The Longstreet Society

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                                                              Martha Hodge
                                                              Ron Hollis
                                                              John Latschar
                                                              Abit Massey
                                                              Tim Massey
                                                              Dan Paterson
                                                              Garland Reynolds

                                                                                                                                               February 8, 2017

Dear Fellow Longstreet Partisan,

General James Longstreet's Piedmont Hotel was his political base, a center of his family’s life and the place where he entertained hotel guests and famous visitors. The parlor, verandas, well-house and lawns were also centers of Gainesville society. Today the hotel is at the center of the Longstreet Society’s mission to teach adults and students about the General’s life, career and contributions to his community and country.
Now we have a chance to further that mission and establish the hotel property as a multi-faceted and unique historical and horticultural site. We’ve just completed phase one. With private donations and in-kind services, the project is off the ground!

The Peace Garden, dedicated to the memory of Jamie Longstreet Paterson, will serve as a quiet refuge with a patio laid with pavers engraved to commemorate the soldiers who served under Longstreet’s command. The Angel Garden, dedicated to benefactors Ronald Eugene Hollis Sr. and Jamie Martin Hollis, has been constructed with beds ready for heritage plants and pea gravel paths.  Most notably, the Norton Family Garden, which now features the Piedmont Hotel’s historical marker, flag pole plaza and a large planter on the hotel’s most public street corner, beckons to all who pass by on busy Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Now we are ready to construct an authentic replica of the historic well house that has been designed by preservation architect Garland Reynolds. The well house will be the centerpiece of the garden. Heritage plants will be selected from catalogs of the 1875 Berckman-Fruitlands Nursery, a source of plants with which James Longstreet would have been familiar, having spent days of his youth at his relative’s plantation adjacent to the nursery—now on the 13th hole of the Master’s Golf Tournament. 

Help us make the Piedmont Hotel the must-see destination it deserves to be. We need your help to do this. Please join us in the Longstreet Heritage Landscape Campaign.


C.J. Clarke IV, President